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                                                              .....Transmitting the past,
                                                                     .....inspiring the present,
                                                                             ..... encouraging the future.

ffering flute lessons in  Lincolnshire, IL
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Kim Fleuchaus

                                                           Welcome to the studio website! Here, current flute and recorder students will be able to find helpful links, view lesson notes, receive and pay studio invoices, reschedule lesson times, check the studio calendar, record practice times, and much more.

All of us have music  within us, waiting to be discovered. For almost 30 years, I have been blessed with the task of  helping students of all ages learn to express themselves musically on the flute and recorder. It is a joy for me as a teacher to watch my students progress and experience the rewards of their hard work and patience.

Through weekly private lessons, monthly group classes, semiannual recitals, competitions, summer projects, and more - our focus is not just on learning the mechanics of the instrument, but on becoming well-rounded musicians who support and encourage one another in our quest to be the best we can.

Happy Fluting!                                   

Kim Fleuchaus

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Lincolnshire/ Lake Forest
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